Utah is a female customer that made her first appearance in Papa's Freezeria and is the female worker at Papa's Pastaria. Her hometown is in Calypso Island as a tour guide, but now resides in Portallini, where she works.

Appearance Edit

In her normal clothes, she has a yellow hair band, a yellow shirt with a tied knot on it,blue pants with a brown belt which has a knot & white sneakers with yellow laces and brown bottoms.

In her Pastaria Uniform, she wears a white shirt, a green bowtie, and a black skirt.


Papa's Freezeria: Edit



Chocolate Syrup (Topping)

Chocolate Whipped Cream

Regular Bland

Chocolate Syrup

Cookie Dough

Medium Cup


- She has an older sister, Nevada

- Her first appearance was in Papa's Freezeria

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