A Star Customer is type of reward that is in all the Papa's -ia games.


A Star Customer is when a customer has recieved a certain amount of Stars. There are 3 types of Star Customers. They are Bronze Star Customers, Sliver Star Customers, and Gold Star Customers. When a person is a Star Customer, in the customer screen, the customer's small picture will have a gold star at the bottom screen and when you click on a customer who is a Star Customer, they will have what type of Star Customer they are on the right side of the picture and that the customer will look like they're cheering.

In Papa's Pancakeria and each game after it, if the customer is a Star Customer, they will appear in the Parade. That person will be in a separated Star Customer Area depending on what they are. This star customer effect is immune to the closers, Foodini, Papa Louie, Tony, Matt, and the franchise workers.


Bronze Star CustomerEdit

A is a customer who has gotten 5-9 Stars.

Silver Star CustomerEdit

A is a customer who has gotten 10-14 Stars.

Gold Star CustomerEdit

A is a customer who has gotten 15 or more Stars.

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