A Rank is something that classifies how far you are in the game. They appear in all the games in the series.


A Rank classifies how far you are in the game. Each game has 44 Ranks except Papa's Hot Doggeria, which has 59 ranks. Once you reach Rank 44, (Which is the "Better Than Papa!" rank) there will be no more ranks even if you pass the number of points to go to the next rank.

In all the games except Papa's Pizzeria & Papa's Burgeria, when you reach a rank, the player will have 5 more dollars added to their Payday. The first 4 rank names are always the same for every Gameria and the last rank is always Better than Papa.

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Papa's Pizzeria Rank 14Edit

Papa's Burgeria Day 1Edit

Papa's Taco Mia! Rank Edit

Papa's Freezeria Day 5Edit

Papa's Pancakeria Only CooperEdit

Papa's Burgeria HD Rank 8Edit

Papa's Wingeria Rank 35Edit