Papa's Pizzeria is the first game in the Papa's -ia series. It was made by Flipline Studios.

Papa's Pizzeria
Papa's Pizzeria


Flipline Studios


Flipline Studios


August 7, 2007


Roy drives to work one day and when he's arrives at the place, he wonders where Papa Louie is. As he's calling his name he notices a note on the counter. The note says that he is on another adventure and that Roy has to take care of the shop while he's gone. When he looks up he sees Kingsley who's behind the door, waving at Roy. The camera goes back to Roy, who has a scared look that eventually turns into a sigh and a tiping of the head down.


In the game the player make pizzas. The pizzas all get topped, put in the oven, and get sliced into a certain number of pizzas. As the player make a decent pizza, (Or higher) the customer who ordered it will get a Star. If the customer earns enough Stars he or she will become a Star Customer, which cause them to say their orders faster. 

Every time the player makes a decent pizza (Or higher) they will get a Tip. If they earn enough tips they will move on to the next Rank. As the player unlocks a Rank a new customer becomes unlocked. 


In the game there are 4 stations. They are the Order Station, the Building Station, the Baking Station, and the Cutting Station

Order Station

In the Order Station, the player takes the customer's order.

Building Station

In the Building Station, the player adds toppings that the order calls for on the uncooked pizza that has sauce and cheese on it.

Baking Station

In the Baking Station, the player cooks the pizza according to the customer's order.

Cutting Station

In the Cutting Station, the player cuts the pizza in the number of slices the order tells the player to cut them into.


There are 8 toppings in Papa's Pizzeria and they are all unlocked from the start with the exception of Day 1, the tutorial day where only the Pepperoni is unlocked. The toppings are


For a list of customers in this game, see here: 


For the list of orders in this game, see here:


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