Papa's Pancakeria is the fifth game in the Papa's -ia series. It was released by Flipline Studios.

Papa's Pancakeria
Papa's Pancakeria
Rise and Shine with Papa's Pancakeria


Flipline Studios


Papa Louie Arcade


March 5, 2012


Playable Characters

You can either play as Cooper or Prudence in this game. If you're Cooper, you're dressed in a white soda jerk hat, a white collared shirt with brown cuffs, a yellow-white striped apron with a brown outline and a brown string that's in the bow tie shape on the back, white shoes with red laces and brown bottoms. You also have a cat named Cookie. If you're Prudence, you'd be exactly the same, but instead of a cat, you have a dog named Pickle who has a pink hair bow on her hair alongside you, and your shoes have pink laces. Also, your shirt has shorter sleeves and your apron is slightly wider.


  1. Newbie
  2. Trainee
  3. Tray Cleaner
  4. Cashier
  5. Toast Topper