Papa's Cupcakeria is the 8th Gameria in the Papa Louie Series that was announced on June 25,2013. You can make seasonal cupcakes, and unlock special frosting, batter, etc. during that season/holiday. Papa's Cupcakeria  was released on August  7th 2013.I forgot the other one.


The Cupcakeria has been approved by Mayor Mallow, so Roy and Papa Louie head off to the shop. On the way, their car would collide with a black car, and James/Willow/Custom Worker get out of the car to apologize. Roy is angry about the incident and demands payment, but Papa Louie pays Roy instead and offers a job James/Willow/Custom Worker in order to pay for their expenses. He takes off Roy's Cupcakeria cap (revealing Roy's full head of hair), and places it on James/Willow/Custom Worker 's head, thus making him/her the chef of the Cupcakeria.


Cook a ridiculous amount of delicious cupcakes for all your wacky customers in Papa's Cupcakeria!

Papa's Cupcakeria just opened up in the picturesque town of Frostfield and you've been "hired" to run the restaurant all by yourself. You will need to master all 4 of the stations to become a cupcake crafting master.

Take your customers quirky orders in the Order Station. Prep the pan with liners and gooey batter in the Batter Station. Cook the cupcakes to perfection in the Bake Station. Finally, frost the cupcakes and cover them with delicious decorations in the Build Station.

As you level up and build a loyal customer fan 

base, you will notice the seasons changing all around you. Celebrate the 12 holidays with special clothing, furniture, and awesome seasonal toppings. With over 100 menu items, 90 achievements, tons of furniture, over 80 customers, and all the holidays you can imagine, this is by far the most epic restaurant Papa Louie has ever opened!

  • Papa's unique Time-management cooking style
  • Pour Batter, Bake, and Build delicious cupcakes
  • Customize your very own character
  • Fully customizeable Lobby
  • Introducing Seasons and Holidays
  • Play through 4 seasons and 12 Holidays
  • Unlock seasonal toppings
  • Look for Trick or Treating Closers
  • 110 unlockable menu items
  • Unlock 81 crazy customers
  • Brand new Customers
  • 5 fun Mini Games with tons of prizes to win
  • 90 in-game achievements to earn
  • Use your tips to buy upgrades, clothes and furniture
  • Weekly paychecks and raises as you level up


  • June 25, 2013: Cupcakeria is announced.
  • July 2, 2013: The location is revealed to be Frostfield.
  • July 9, 2013: A new customer is revealed, Mayor Mallow.
  • July 11, 2013: James and Willow won the Papa's Next Chefs 2013 tournament and are the chefs for it.
  • July 16, 2013: Seasons changing and holiday celebrations introduced.
  • July 24, 2013: Sneak peek of the Stations: Order Station, Batter Station, Bake Station, and Build Station.
  • July 30, 2013: Release date is announced (August 7, 2013)
  • August 7, 2013: Papa's Cupcakeria is released.


The chefs are James and Willow, plus the custom worker you can create. Their uniforms will be striped pink and brown. Their caps colours are pink, black, white and brown, with a cupcake in front and a cherry on top.


  1. James/Willow
  2. Johnny
  3. Vicky
  4. Edna
  5. Connor
  6. Mary
  7. Maggie
  8. Matt Neff
  9. Mitch
  10. Foodini
  11. Olga
  12. Yippy
  13. Franco
  14. Kayla
  15. Ivy
  16. Scarlett
  17. Roy
  18. Sue
  19. Hugo
  20. Lisa
  21. Georgito
  22. Skyler
  23. Zoe
  24. Doan
  25. Xandra
  26. Mandi Solary
  27. Kingsley
  28. Cletus
  29. Mindy
  30. Sarge Fan!
  31. Rico
  32. Nick
  33. Allan
  34. Cecilia
  35. Nevada
  36. Clover
  37. Kahuna
  38. Utah
  39. Chuck
  40. Boomer
  41. Cooper
  42. madi
  43. Clair
  44. Shannon
  45. Pinch Hitwell
  46. Bertha
  47. Taylor
  48. Peggy
  49. Greg
  50. Captain Cori
  51. Robby
  52. maria
  53. Gremmie
  54. Akari
  55. Sasha
  56. Ninjoy
  57. Professor Fitz
  58. Scooter
  59. Penny
  60. Hank
  61. Big Pauly
  62. Tohru
  63. Timm
  64. Prudence
  65. Santa
  66. Rita
  67. Wendy
  68. Marty
  69. Tony Solary
  70. Papa Louie


  1. Trishna
  2. Radlynn
  3. Xolo
  4. Mayor Mallow
  5. Quinn
  6. Kenji
  7. Deano
  8. Crystal
  9. Darth Maul
  10. Riley
  11. Nom Nom
  12. Jojo

Food Critic Edit



There are five locals in Cupcakeria.

  1. Mayor Mallow
  2. Trishna
  3. Scarlett
  4. Nevada
  5. Santa


  1. Valentine's Day (Rank 6)
  2. St. Paddy's Day(Rank 11)
  3. Easter (Rank 16)
  4. OnionFest (Rank 21)
  5. Summer Luau (Rank 26)
  6. Starlight Jubilee (Rank 31)
  1. Baseball Season (Rank 36)
  2. Pirate Bash (Rank 41)
  3. Halloween (Rank 46)
  4. Thanksgiving (Rank 51)
  5. Christmas (Rank 56)
  6. New Year (Rank 61)



  • Liner A (Pink Vertical Stripes)
  • Liner B (Blue dots)
  • Liner C (Yellow and White Swirls)
  • Liner D (Green zebra Stripes)
  • StarLight Jubilee Liner - Rank 31(White Stars w/ Blue Background, Red/White Stripes, Red/Blue Stars, Red/Blue/White Stars)
  • Baseball Liner - Rank 36(Baseball, Bat, 7ri Cup, Batter's Sign)
  • Pirate Bash Liner - Rank 41 (Pirate's Sign, Shark, Anchors,Blue/Black Horizontal Stripes)
  • Halloween Liner - Rank 46 (Jack-O-Lantern, O Sign, Cat's Eyes, Orange/Black Stripes)
  • Thanks Giving Liner - Rank 51 (Orange Big Diagonal Lines, Turkey Feathers, Orange Swirls, Thanksgiving Dawn)
  • Christmas Liner - Rank 56 (Candy Cone's Stripes, Pine Trees, Present's Tie, Red/Green Dots)
  • New Year Liner - Rank 61(White/Pink Fire, Colorful Diamonds, Colorful Tiger Fur, Rainbow)

                   Cake BattersEdit

  1. Chocolate Batter (Chocolate Cake)
  2. Blueberry Batter (Unlocked with Ivy ) (Baking Blue)
  3. Strawberry Batter (Unlocked with Roy ) (Berry Blast)
  4. Carrot Batter (Unlocked with Cletus ) (Eat Your Veggies)
  5. Lemon Batter (Unlocked with Cecilia ) (Let Them Eat Lemons)
  6. Vanilla Batter (Vanilla Cake)
  7. Red Batter (Unlocked with Clair ) (Valvety Smooth)
  8. Confetti Batter (Unlocked with Peggy ) (Cupcake Party)
  9. Zebra Batter (Unlocked with Gremmie ) (Earn Your Stripes)
  10. Kiwi Batter (Unlocked with Tony ) (Kiwi Confection)

                                             ' FROSTINGEdit

  1. Chocolate Frosting 
  2. Violet Frosting 
  3. Green Frosting 

    All Frosting unlocked

  4. Teal Frosting
  5. Dark Blue Frosting 
  6. Red Frosting
  7. Black Frosting 
  8. Orange Frosting 
  9. Deep Purple Frosting 
  10. Mocha Frosting 
  11. Sunglow Frosting 
  12. Forest Green Frosting 
  13. Pink Frosting
  14. White Frosting


Holiday ToppingsEdit

Valentine Toppings Edit

  • Chocolate-covered strawberry
  • Chocolate rose
  • "Be Mine" Candy Hearts
  • Watermelon drizzle

St. Patty Day Edit

  • Mint Bar
  • Pistachio Drizzle - Rank 12
  • Mint Shavings
  • Shamrock - Day 21
  • Chocolate Coin

Easter Toppings Edit

  • Bunny Ear Candy
  • Jelly Beans
  • Cotton Candy Drizzle
  • Candy Egg
  • Tulip Cookies

Onionfest Edit

  • Gummy Onion
  • Purple Burple Drizzle
  • Sourballs
  • Sarge Gobstopper
  • Frosted Onion

Summer Luau Edit

  • Paper Umbrella
  • Tropical Charms
  • Honey Drizzle
  • Gummy Pineapple
  • Bananas

Starlight Jubilee Edit

  • Candy Rocket
  • Powsicle Drizzle
  • Silver Star Sprinkles
  • Festive Flag
  • White Chocolate Star

Baseball Season Edit

  • Pretzel Bat
  • Butterscotch Drizzle
  • Baseball Candy
  • Peanuts
  • Popcorn

Pirate Bash Edit

  • Anchor Cookie
  • Blueberry Wave Drizzle 
  • Cannonball Gum
  • Jolly Roger
  • Gummy Craken

Halloween Edit

  • Candy Jack-O-Lantern
  • Licorice Drizzle
  • Spooky Sprinkles
  • Candy Corn
  • Sugar Skull

Thanksgiving Edit

  • Chocolate Acorn
  • Pumpkin Pie Drizzle
  • Autumn Leaves Sprinkles
  • Feather Cookie
  • Harvest Stripe Cookie

Christmas Edit

  • Candy Present
  • Santa Cookie Drizzle
  • Candy Cane Pieces
  • Ginger Bread
  • Tree Cookie

New Year Edit

  • New Year Topper
  • Flavor X Drizzle
  • Stache Sprinkles
  • Streamers
  • Candle


Rank Number Rank Name Total XP Payday increase (+$5 each rank)
1. Newbie Start 100
2. Trainee 300


3. Tray Cleaner 750 $110
4. Cashier 1350 $115
5. Strawberry Fan 2100 $120


Blueberry Buddy

3000 $125


Strawberry Dipper 4050 $130
8. Valentine Fan 5250 $135
9. Candy Heart Hero 6600 $140
10. Peanut Butter Fan 8100 $145
11. Vanilla Buddy 9750 $150
12. Mint Master 11550 $155
13. Pistachio Pal 13500 $160
14. Shamrock Champ 15600 $165
15. Rock Star 17850 $170
16. Top Froster 18750 $175
17. Bunny Buddy $180
18. Cotton Candy Fan $185
19. Egg Hunter $190
20. Carrot Champ $195
21. Candy Crusher $200
22. Gummy Buddy $205
23. Sour Master $210
24. Onion Wrangler $215
25. Green Guru $220
26. Lemon Zester $225
27. Beach buddy 38550 $230



Name Cost Description
Doorbell $30.00

Rings when person enters the store.

Oven Booster 1 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Oven Booster 2 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Oven Booster 3 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Oven Booster 4 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Oven Alarm 1 $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to remove cupcakes.
Oven Alarm 2 $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to remove cupcakes.
Oven Alarm 3 $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to remove cupcakes.
Oven Alarm 4 $150.00 These alarms will automatically alert you when to remove cupcakes.
Fill Guides $100.00

Shows a clear fill line for adding batter to wrapper cups.

Double Batter $300.00

Pour batter into both cups at the same time!

Frosting Copier $400.00 Makes sure both the cupcake frostings are perfect.


Name Cost Description
Sm; Valentine Table $35.00 A small Valentine table.
Md. Valentine Table $ 55.00 A medium Valentine table.
Lg. Valentine Table $75.00 A large Valentine table.
Valentine Fence $30.00 A Valentine-themed fence.
Jukebox $450.00 Put on some tunes for your guests.
Sm. Shamrock Table $35.00 A small Shamrock table.
Md. Shamrock Table $55.00 A medium Shamrock table.
Lg. Shamrock Table $75.00 A large Shamrock table.
Pot O' Gold $85.00 A lucky pot of gold.
Mccoy Arcade Game $450.00 Keep customers busy with Mccoy's game!
Sm. Easter Table $35.00 A small Easter table.
Md. Easter Table $55.00 A medium Easter table.
Lg. Easter Table $75.00 A large Easter table.
Easter Block Wall $30.00 A glass block wall.
Snj Arcade Game $500.00

Play Steak and Jake's arcade game. Beware, It's tough!

Sm. Onion Crate $35.00 Filled with Gummy Onions!
Md. Onion Crate $55.00 Filled with Crushida Pepper!
Lg. Onion Crate $75.00 Filled with Diced Onions!
Papa Louie Arcade $400.00 Papa's arcade machine is back!
The Great Onion $130.00 The legendary Great Onion!
Sm. Luau Table $35.00 A small Easter table.
Luau Boombox $65.00 Table with a boombox
Luau Punch Table $75.00 A table with tropical punch.
Luau Umbrella $85.00 Stay in the shade.
Surfboard $150.00 Straight from the Surf Shack!
Sm. Jubilee Table $35.00 A small patrictic table.
Md. Jubilee Table $55.00 A medium Jubilee table.
Lg. Jubilee Table $75.00 A large Jubilee table
Red Flag $25.00 Fly the flag of tastiness.
Blue Flag $25.00 A large Jubilee flag.
Sm. Baseball Table $35.00

A small baseball table.

Md. Baseball Table $55.00 A medium baseball table.
Lg. Baseball Table $75.00 A large baseball table.
Bat Fence $30.00 A basebasll-themed fence.
JackSmith Arcade $400.00 Play the medieval hit Jacksmith!
Chocolate Gum $85.00 Choco chewing gum.
Sm. Kraken Table $35.00 Beware the Kraken!
Md. Pirate Table $55.00 A medium pirate table.


Papap´s cupcakeria



  • This is the only game where customers order two of something but with different toppings.
  • Instead of being scooped from bins, toppings like chocolate chips and sprinkles are poured from shakers.
  • This was released exactly 6 years after Papa's pizzeria was realeased
  • This is the first Gameria where Foodini isn't the second-to-last customer.
  • Rank 5's name was invisible during the early versions of the game, but was fixed.
  • Across from Papa's Pizzeria and Papa's Burgeria, it is currently one of the hardest Gameria to achieve a Perfect score from the frosting.
  • None of the mini games are new except for Saucy Shot, which is the same as Hot and Cool Shot from past Gamerias.
    • This is also the first Gameria to not feature Customer Cravings. This mainly because customer's orders are subjected to change every season and holiday.
  • The music and action when you get a new customer and ingredient is different from all other gamerias.
  • The title music is a remix of Leaf Landing for Papa Louie 2.
  • Better than Papa badge is replaced by Papa's Return in this game.
  • Rank 32 is called Rocketeer which is a reference to the fictional character Rocketeer.
  • All closers like all holidays.

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