A Closer is a feature in Papa's Taco Mia!, Papa's Freezeria & Papa's Pancakeria


A Closer is a customer who appears at the end of the day and asks for an order much like regular customers. The difference is that they will be more harsher when you give them their order. They can also be Star Customers just like regular ones.

List of Closers & what game(s) they are a Closer

Akari (Taco Mia!)

Allan (Taco Mia!, Burgeria HD)

Boomer (Wingeria)

Captain Cori (Freezeria)

Gremmie (Freezeria)

Hank (Pancakeria)

Johnny (Pancakeria,Burgeria HD,Wingeria)

Jojo (Taco Mia!,Freezeria,Pancakerai,Burgeria HD,Wingeria)

Kahuna (Freezeria - Burgeria HD)

Ninjoy (Pancakeria, Burgeria HD)

Professor Fitz (Wingeria)

Quinn (Taco Mia!,Freezeria,Pancakerai,Burgeria HD,Wingeria)

Rico (Taco Mia!)

Robby (Taco Mia!,Freezeria,Burgeria HD)

Xandra (Taco Mia!,Freezer,Pancakeria,Burgeria HD)

Xolo (Wingeria)

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